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Would you think time you won't. You won't give a little. Brief over you or your. I only really know the basics. And from what i understand chapelle just kinda came out social media when it was like yo everybody stop watching the show so they can give me give me my publishing back cyber thing and precise we listen. Listen that's right. That's that's that's that's the what i know. If there's any fine details you might have to provide that. Yeah i mean Today shapiro situation would happen. Was we found out about six months ago when viacom released dais appel show on. Hbo and net flicks. I think comedy central sold the original. Ip to viacom viacom owned Comedy central we've found out through daesh appel that basically didn't get paid for the last season of chapelle show that fifty million dollars. We keep hearing about never actually having whatever happened the show so i never gave him any money so they shapiro says he never made any money from the chapelle show in the worst part about it is is that like the name the chapelle show is held in perpetuity universally Infinitely through viacom father's name. He put it on the show. Chapelle show so now he couldn't use it but now we find out a couple of days ago we find out that Daesh appel and viacom have come to some sort of agreement basically getting paid for his content again and for the first time that i can think of the creative one right. That's why. I mean prince and have met mysteriously died before they got there. So this is. This is definitely victory. Pretty prints would be proud has definitely be pro personnel densely brown and so we definitely wanna give flowers. Today's appeal while we can. I don't know what this weird noises coming from. It's not recording so it just might be my headphones here that i'd hire to do what is that. That's why i'm moving away is vip. Is it a proximity to the this year. I've i've heard those type of i hate that. What does that are we at twenty twenty. One we can't was that why you can't use the your phone on the plane. Why speaking of planes did you see that. Did you see the footage engine blown up while they were flying. Yes tom tom. I saw that. I was blowing up. Yes the engine was on fire. All actual footage of yeah. Okay i think is What is it delta airlines united. Of course it would be delta. We're going to say delta. Yeah if we're wrong. there's no surprise. Be factually accurate for all in the brain. Leila where can we go with delta. Right would definitely go with other But yeah oh my fellas know what. I did have got to introduce what we are. Well i mean they'll figure it out they will but anyway welcome to the over. The shoulder. podcasts. Is your chance to eavesdrop on three professional craters. We discussed the sources happenings aspirations from the creative industry from film to production to music to co. Join us each week as we push the envelope on the possibilities of the great industry i host for this week. Of course this lovely voice that you hear right now is your main man. Two hundred grand beam. O'brien what's up y'all don. Hey you got your applause. I was trying to get it together but are we ready. We back in the game. Maybe course right here. I got my main man. Tom time introduce yourself. This is thomas the great you know. I'm just out here. Facilitate civil tighter so we got i guess today we do ya introduce yourself gas plea. Some some people are heart people. Call me j.

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