A highlight from Episode 71 - GUEST Steven Leeper - BBQ Food, Mortal Kombat and Mayonnaise Pie


This week on the spivey special podcast. We had our guest even leaper. We jumped all over the place. We talked about barbecue food. We talked about mortal kombat. We talked about all sorts of fun. Things so buckle up hair it is episode seventy one. Welcome to episode. Seventy one of the spivey special podcasts at seventy one doing no is it just sixty nine volume two nine sixty busy double d double d. All right we have. We have fun ended a quick recap because we did our show on friday. We had a big day on saturday so very long hot lauda drinking. It was a good day so we played in the casserole baseball tournament. cough tournament. kind of so like it's normally scrambled tournament. We go up there and shotgun star and they're just like yeah we're sitting on the grand gulf was twenty groups in did normal times. Nobody knew where we are. Teeing off they said on their social media. There's one hundred thirty six players. That's a lotta people. But because it's a older retirement area. They weren't allowed to congregate before and after a shotgun start so we just kind of went off whenever we kinda did our old wait candidate. I don't think the whole time anyway. We drink a lot of beers. They had so they had beer on the first hole in a cooler. That's how our day started. What was it a place in auburn. Auburn ale house auburndale house too heavy heavy beers to start. We had a cooler full little. Something somethings nam nam. It was a good day. Creates fun and then afterwards we rallied. Who picked up the fam and we went to go out in lincoln pretty good beer can feed the goats the shuttle them. We remembered like half hour forty five minutes. We didn't plan it very well. They close like right after we got there. They because we got that can be these kids feeding that fat guy go feed that only and then because it close we went to hillenbrand which i think will probably talk about it at length. Another episode in trade a pretzel roughly the size of his head. Which is big yeah. It's like a mini presley. We put it like next to act like the of us was huge and it had grapes. Or some i dunno. Saruman got mine. Didn't come up. Grapes came with beer cheese. I think it's because you're white came grapes. Yeah or maybe like your wife wouldn't put them on the otherwise you wouldn't eat the pretzel like maybe that's how it was due to proximity. We'll talk about that whole trip in length. But the pretzel said we talk about it and it was a big one but we do have guest here with try to introduce our guests. Sure i would love to. This is episode seventy one and we finally have made it to the guy. I would say who has terrible taste in football team. Areo just like you stephen lee. Welcome to the show. Thank you guys for having me. I'm excited to be here. We're gonna be all over the place with their topics today. And i love every second of it and he brought beer. So there's like a lot of good things going on have to if you wanna be on her show. You just have to bring us here. That's literally the only thing and speak english. Well that's like second that's like three guests in a row though to look this up so so take note next guest even if zoom we'll send you zacks address. One of those uber delivery things. Absolutely i got a lot ondeck today. We're gonna take a quick break and we're gonna come back with get to know your guests. The spivey brothers are always here but who's joining them today. Who is it who is sit back. And let's find out together with get to know your guest all right. Forget to know your guests. Let's turn out with We're going to have you introduce yourself. You got fifteen to thirty seconds or less or more. Tell us a little bit by yourself where he said. Go all right so basically. I am somebody who used to play a lot of sports and can't really anymore. So i play slow. Pitch softball exclusively. I tried to golf but not very good at it. I try to break a hundred. And that's always the goal. But i love going out having some beers with friends and just hit some balls seeing if you can crush one or two at wild also sprains him on some roads in bushes Yeah that's it. I like beer food playing softball and golf in watching some good tv. And that's basically mean a nutshell. How did we get him on. Our show await. That's exactly that's our show. He described i think. Read like interplay stroke the steelers fan citizenship long word but also giants fan so now he told you it makes a lot of bad life choices. Sports is brother.

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