Unbalanced, A Work/Life Reality Check


The work life balance something we always strive for in the first thing is we need to have a reality check with work life balance we need to stop with trying to call it a balance. You can't be two different people in other words. How you are at work is how you are at home. Now there's a different way about it. There's maybe there's less Intensity or how you approach things and certainly you don't manage your house like you manage work in a sense but who you are as a person that is very similar so you can't be deducted from people but before we into the balancing of things think about this and i think we all agree if we could pass a constitutional amendment to get congress to stop wasting billions of dollars. A lot of us have before that but if we just simply say okay congress you have to balance the budget so definitely no more extra spending all of that sounds good on the surface but if i say balance it will. They could just raise. Taxes and tax. Other things in other words raised their income. Which is your tax money and then spend accordingly so they really balanced anything they have just made it worse or the debt they were incurring before it just simply now is frontloaded. So it's not really a balanced so that's the kind of thing i'm talking about. Is what is the balance in the balance isn't even and that's a realization to come to so first thing is be honest with yourself. You must believe it's just the way it is in a sounds a little dark in a sense of well. Just wait is tough. Tough now is not what i mean. I mean just approaching it of just the way it is so in other words if work is requiring you to work a little harder. You should do that but an same time if relationships in your life or things At home aren't going the way they are. You've got to accept that reality also in just be honest about. Where do you need to invest your

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