Finding new revenue models in real estate: Scott Bateman and Brock Fisher


Joining me on today's podcast. Scott bateman and brock fisher from property management software company homeo- by scott and brock heavy stance of experience in the pam sector and they have also been hanging around late agent during the transform program. Both is a major sponsor and as speakers so welcome finally to the podcast brock and scott. Thanks for having us. Thank you great to be. Well we've known each other for awhile and i. I'm not sure how you guys have. Dodged being on our podcast. Actually how's it because you must be because you say busy with your iron so tell us a little bit about that about the podcast. The podcast first year. So we run a podcast code agency of change essentially broken chatting a little while ago and found we get to talk to these remarkable people both existing customers and people that were just chatting with and inevitably you have these armaments that rarely go beyond that conversation and we thought well. Let's make a point of getting people on and sharing some of that with other people and focus on particularly property management mistrial. You're on the people that are really pushing the envelope in doing things differently whether that culture business model growth whatever. It might bayside spain. A six hour episodes in and been a whole lot of fun. It's exciting actually. And i think that's almost childless podcast dotted results having all these interesting conversations with paper just wishing that i pressed the record button and all of a that's what we did unreal so brock transformed twenty-one nice stranger to transform actually because i think you've been a part of it for several years leading up to this. How did you find transform twenty-one compared to some of the challenges that we've done year look. I really enjoyed the program. This year thought the content in the variety of the speakers was really powerful and always circle back to the point that from a professional development and a learning experience is really any bit of program out there by in terms of structure Actions in accountability but of the variety in the cross section of activities in the content. You're exposed to Iota it addressed a lot of the property management and real estate business pine points this year because we had a lot of stuff around the management of people management of conflict. Obviously social media stuff was pretty prolific. May which is something that they learn ways really curious about and then there was a fitbit about your engine property measurement in real estate issues silence effective business units. It was just a couple

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