A highlight from Episode 40: Industrial Revulsion

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Good evening gentlemen. I gather together a meeting of some of the great geniuses at the doctor. Who fan community and me paul morris. Big finish writer missing episodes expert. Welcome john sparrow renowned astrophysics author and quiz show protagonist. Hello hey hope gav rimal. Donald crop chronicler forensic researcher and three quarter full well. Why the talents. If these geniuses should be honest to a superior vision with their help i could turn this insignificant planet into our powerbase unique in the universe or we could just make podcast. Look we just dispense with these forty northeast accents but what aiming for maximum authenticity for a celebration of dr whose forays into the industrial revolution. Really look everyone knows. Only three english accents in doctor who there's received pronunciation members that. Oh no this one is definitely hoop north so comey a lot room tavern. Tell them as well the podcast. Listen re could do that worse. If you i guess unbeatable to be honest. Hello hello and welcome to something. Who podcast episode forty. I'm richard and we're back with another look at a of doctor who stories this time with something of industrial revolution theme. First up is six. Dr story mark of the rani. And then we'll have a look at eleventh doctor acting the crimson horror on already introduced the rest of the team in our sketch. So i guess it's time to get down to it so Evening gentlemen along evening. Anything house so may as well kickoff with mark of the rani by pip and jane baker which was directed by sarah dealings with music by jonathan gibson dates from season twenty two and i have to say the first thought when i started watching this was could these titles anymore. Eighties s the eighty s. Titles of the lot aren't they. Yeah we're not discussed them before. I don't think we've watched anything from this season yet. I remember watching twin dilemma. For the first time when they appear and in common with the strange decision to per brand new doctor the end of the season. Rodman wait are thinking as a teenager. All they've hardly put on a new effect onto the titles. Just one story just to make it look different. Then think that much of that. So at least i'll have to properly when it comes back and generally thought it was a one off and i was stunned that they stuck with it but anyway yes for eight isn't it. Yeah so let me back in time. So this is the second in the ninth of february nineteen eighty five and the national union of mineworkers is in the middle of a strike. So between march nineteen eighty-four march nineteen eighty five for a whole year. The the mine workers were on strike. And this at just the right to zenda of that. So i i mean. I don't know how much that was. In the thinking of of pip and jane baker when they rotated pens where they wrote to in sort of late eighty four where they were already going by them. And the other aspect of my research. Researches is that killing worth is a real place raven swift was indeed stevenson's employer who He was. He wasn't lord ravens worth until i think eighteen twenty one which must put it eighteen. Twenty two ish That all pip and jane.

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