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Agostino patient accomplish. Ag s. t. i n. h. o. To get the agostino bonus show on their. Don't delay get involved today. It's only one is equivalent of one pound some pink get involved their low tier start there. You get access to omaha carpets. So get involved or delay gets involved day anyways. How you guys doing how you feeling hope. You're wherever you are. I know i am just about getting their. What's been occurring. Not much in it same old which just always put one foot in front of the other ensuring the way carrying on and living to fight another day. That is the name of the game right name of the game. I'm obviously things have improved drastically in the uk. We obviously have some light in the tunnel where eagerly anticipate in when we're able to go outdoors and enjoy ourselves and hang out with friends see family members at restaurants drink in pubs and bars. Go to football. Stadiums dawson clubs blahdy blah blah blah. The end is near. The end is near of them doing in between that time. Oh i just watched man. City beat wolves for one Before i tuned in. I think i just tuned just off the half time and it was one one and then suddenly i just turned off when they scored two one and the end of the gabriel's full one and it's kind of australia. I'm not gonna lie being mainly night. Fantasy muncie absolutely trump's in the league at will with holly breaking sweat really puts into perspective. Just how far behind. We are a club Fair enough right. They're playing grateful that stuff but infrastructure wise right in terms of like where we want to be as a football club what we're trying to aim towards What the goals are the players who wants to develop the brand of football. We wanna play the soil coaches. We were managing the club which is still have a clue and i think a lot of my offense haven't necessarily woken up to the fact that this is pretty bleak stuff from us especially comparisons. What's going on and around us. We even up in a way where we can compete with clubs. Mansi and i'm talking about infrastructure. Took the people above the manager ballroom level clubs level. You know trafford needs a boever revamp as well. Right that best stadium. I'm pretty sure we don't have a tv screen. They're right it's it's a bit mad so Things need to change. Obviously and it just seems as if there's no change on the horizon because by and large from why seems like according to our results and our previous league positions more likely than not. We're probably going to finish second or third season right Barring a catastrophic fall from grace with deaf you're gonna finish the top war so if that's the case and you consider what the glazers they previously whenever manages more than likely social will get to keep his job. We'll get giving a bit more money in the summer to spend again maybe a maybe a of money. Because what we know about a glazer's we only spent more money than they have to. We don't get champions league. Because champions league equals less money in their pocket let sponsorship or that source of brand deals so they usually Skirt away or kind of yuna refuse to spend as much if we do qualify pitch. I'm busy which is backwards thinking. Because you'd imagine the more money you spend into the team the most successful than we are in a consistent basis unless you have to basically outlay into transposal time right. It kind of goes back to six. He did spend a lot but he usually spending on like names that he focused kind of transform the team and take us nevin above it wasn't signing eleven plays without holy war window had a good spy a good core of a team and then he kind

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