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Do all that good stuff. Help your boy out. So how's it going. Good good amazing on you know say mod. I'm so like this. Highlight here right. I'm ready to be used when needs to be. But at the moment i'm pre- useless for lack of a better term until the world reopened up again but hey we all where we are we are. We are so We can stop. What did i get up to not much really the move a square inch probably my house for four three times mostly to get snacks took the rest of the time spent time in bed. What you various documentaries and movies the most recent thing. I wash which i which i hadn't watched prior was braveheart. Mel gibson is that megapixel piss old. You say passionate passionate crises magazines. I imagine so but brief is pretty good again. I've never watched him full. I think i've watched in pas. I remember lines of asleep. Memes and ship. I watched the whole movie full. Obviously you know In two pots. I watch for the first half one day in a second after next Which is interesting going forward. I wonder if that's kind of it. That's going to be a thing going forward if people and you know Movies and schick in general will that just be a situation where people just find it way more difficult because they've been locked in doors for the best part of eighteen months to just sit down and actually watch a movie or not. Just go by before. I don't know who knows but that movie was pretty decent. What did you teach me braveheart. It told me we sometimes do because the actual story of braveheart isn't a william wallace is. It is Is and as a movie ready as the actual movie. Adaptation is is still amazing. But it's a lot more tragic right in that you know. He fought for the freedom of scotland and scotland attorney court free and independent. What twenty years or so later. So he didn't none of his kind of direct ascendants descendants. he'd have kids. She has to so that whole thing in a movie where he impregnates the queen. Princess the queen to be and then she ends up putting William wallace junior on front that it had that's romanticized that didn't actually happen but the sad thing about it. The kind of revealing and kind of sobering pablo watching braveheart is just a similar to like when he was passionate christopher. I'm is the idea that you know. Maybe i don't know what he is about humans. Why do we have this. We have the strange thing where we sometimes feel as if we are the most important person in the world right. You're kind of the star of your movie always at all times so you sometimes crown comprehend or understand or even picture in your head how. Somebody could betray. You just don't think you could ever happen. You just think some reason you'll this angel you're the perfect person everyone wants to be friends with. That won't be associated oven. That can never happen to you. But more likely to not great people who've accomplish far more than life. I've had you know have kind of gone through. Crushing episodes of being portrayed by some people that counted as family in france and that was irving power braveheart in like in the end. legitimately fighting for the ones that stabbed during the back the ones i eventually got him hundred in court. And if you actually do cool all see google images of what hungary and quarrying is you know that is you know beyond beyond anything you can. Kind of picture nowadays gained council to suffering. That isn't the really you know. Probably one of the most harrowing executions. I've ever seen in my entire life. And most of the of course he kind of bound to happen in the end right donald trump but he's only inevitable outcome from the you know from his uprising and resisting of the british rule of english rosary zeevi. Who's going to win. Though he was going to die there's no inbetween piggybacked in but to offered up as a source of sacrifice for the greater good quote unquote. Right king of was a king of bruce will wherever the guy's name is The grand vision of like one thousand nine hundred gotland and pledging allegiance to the english on so you sacrifice his warm rebellious guy and kind of work with them. But you know our isn't that you can't trust these people they tell you they're going to they're going to help you out. They could assault. You gonna bring you in. But in general if they're willing to kill one of your compatriots what's what's to stop killing you so that was a one serpent pop as a at my life. All the amazing things. You may think you've actually done for people legitimately if they you know whatever serves their best interests i will just end up doing. That's basically way basically told me whatever serves their best interest. They will do no matter what doesn't matter. There's no excuses. No if bustle maybe. He's whatever suits their purpose or whatever stare objective end up doing and yeah Greg movie though. I think what it costs especially ninety five. Imagine what it cost to film brave because all of it was filmed on location. I'm assuming you know mel gibson. Sorta kinda of the green screen top of duty does a strike ms. And you know when he's doing a movie about that he's gonna do it right into proper. Yeah that was a pre incredible movie phantom of just that illuminates and tax. Soit which probably has a bit. You know da So like me finding out james. How could politicians are really give us. It's like where where have you been living with you know. Sometimes i can be naive. I think nine hundred a good thing to keep in you. I'm what's happened. Oh the most important thing happen. Actually many night went away to chelsea.

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