Does Exercise Really Affect Metabolism?


Often people say in the past. It's been a bit of a common belief that if you exercise you'll speed up your metabolism. That one hundred percent depends on what type of exercise and what. Your metabolism is adapted to do in the first place. So fuel preferences has your body got before you exercised what fuel preference have you instigated during exercise which is based on the top of exercise. And then what you do after the exercise as well so There's so many layers but let's let's just digging a little bit where. The exercise helps or hinders white loss for example metabolism. If we're talking about calories in calories out and simply if i ate less i will lose white. And if i exercise than exercises a great way to lose weight and eight less move more theory has been around a really really long gone and it doesn't work for a lot of paypal and in the general population. It's not working at all that general theory or that general recommendation in government guidelines. So let's think about what happens to a seventy kilogram famous approximately in thirty minutes of exercise. Approximately one hundred calories of bent so if they just going for a gentle walk in a chat thirty minutes. Moderate exercise approximately two hundred calories a bun and thirty minutes. Vigorous exercise approximately three to three fifty calories. Abun now if we look at the food intake one apple one hundred calories. One egg seventy five calories grams of chicken breasts. One hundred and seventy calories one cup of milk so if you got a lot i after you walk one hundred and fifty calories so let's say it was two weeks then pretty much all of these as around one hundred one. Hundred and fifty calories is an apple. Two eggs hundred grams of chicken breast or a cup of milk. He's all going to pretty much main. That you've got a walked for an hour thirty minutes to forty five minutes of walking just to have that one little snack so if you walk and then you did snack then you balance that but this is not about calories. I want to say everything that just said. He's completely relevant and wrong. Because this is not about calories in calories out that was an example of why the eight less move more does not work well in terms of trying to burn the fact that you have stored on your

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