Playing Walt Disney World Trivia with Bri from WD-FM the official podcast of the Walt Disney Family Museum

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And in nineteen seventy six. Walt disneyworld logged. Its fifty millionth guest. Which makes me want. Play a little trivia. And you know i just happen to know the podcast that hosts w. f. the official podcast of the walt disney family. You like to welcome bree bertelli cini to the show. Hey hey it's going great now. I've got some trivia questions here about walt disney world. I hear you used to work there right. Yes they did. I worked on the kilimanjaro safaris animal kingdom way back in the day so this should be no problem for you. We're gonna start our trivia here in the magic kingdom. Okay so when you're walking down main street you see all these flags. Well they're not like actual. American flags are slightly different. What is the difference in the flag. So leave it's the number of stripes the numbers. They're just a little bit. Yeah yeah they took out a striped so that we don't need to follow the national flag. Because who wants to walk down you see the flags at half mast and all that stuff they want to keep them up and keep everything. Happy there when you when you first walk into the park. So they removed a stripes. They don't need to follow the National flag code all right. How about this one. This one's an interesting one. I think how close is the next garbage can. Oh it's oh my goodness. I used to notice it. Something like every eighty steps every thirty steps. Can you believe that thirty sturdy steps away from bet you close. Yeah that's that's okay. All right let's Let's try this last one here and working there. You probably a left something behind much. Like two hundred and ten people each day. Leave this item. And there's actually one point six five million of this object left behind by disney guests. What does that object. They sunglasses

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