A highlight from How to Know the Will of God: The Word of God Reveals His Will for Us


Last message in our series that we have been calling what every growing christian needs to know. And i think of all the topics i'm asked about. This is probably one of the most popular one that we all deal with this young christians and even his older christians and that is how can we know. God's will for our live we wonder. Does god still speak to people. Today is actually interested in what happens to us as individuals does the lord have a master plan for our lives. And if he does how do i discover it. How can i learn how to know the voice of god. How can i discover the will of god because there are those big questions especially when you're younger you're wondering about who you're gonna marry. Who's the right you wonder about. What should my career choice be. Or how can i serve the lord. Our which did i order at in and out. No that's not one. But i'm talking about this serious things of life. Well here's the answer. Yes god has a master plan for your life. Yes god speaks to us today. Yes the lord wants to reveal his will to you because we as christians are not victims of chance hoping that our luck will be good or not run out. God has a plan for each of us here. It's something that may surprise you. God wants to lead you even more than you want to be led. It is god's desire to disclose his will to you. Here's the good news. God does not play hide-and-seek he's on a hiding from you. He wants to reveal himself to you. He wants to reveal his purposes and plans to you. In fact god said to abraham shall i hide from abraham the thing that i am about to do now. This is an interesting thing. Because abraham is uniquely described in this scripture has the friend of god and did you know that god wants to be your friend to. oh yes. he's our master certainly. He's our savior but he actually wants to be our friend. Jesus said in john fifteen. I no longer call you. Servants for servant doesn't know what is master is doing but i have called you friends for everything i've heard from my father i've made known to you. Friend share secrets with friends. Right when something good happens what do you wanna do. You want to tell your friends. Hopefully your best friend is your husband or wife but when something good happens i'm going to call my wife or i'm grappling with an issue. I want to talk to her. Maybe you'll shoot up a text or a group text. I hate it when i get stuck in these group tax. Geno and move long beyond the original issue and now people are saying random things and sending a mo- deason. Your phone is ding ding ding. Stop let me out of this group tax but you can disclose information to a friend will keep your confidence if you say. Look this area of my life. i struggling with. I'm asking you to keep this a secret. A friend won't go out there and posted on their facebook page. They're not gonna tweet it up. They're not gonna shouted the rooftops they're going to keep your confidence and you know what else a friend will tell you. The truth and god is our friend. God will always tell us the truth. God will always keep our secrets and god wants to reveal his secrets to us back. Some twenty-five fourteen this secret of the lord is with those that fear. But here's the problem. Some of us are afraid. Of god's will because we have a warped concept of god we think god has effectively out to get us to ruin our lives. I heard a story. And i've shared this before about a robber that broken into a house. It was very dark and does he was making his way through a year to voice suddenly pierce the darkness and the voice said she says is watching. You freaked him out. Who said that he's shaking. He's trying to get his flashlight again. The voice says jesus is watching you this cutting and who was saying this to me. Finding gets his flashlight. Turn on the third time. The voice says jesus is watching you and realizes it's a parrot. The parrot said jesus is watching you and the guy home so relieved any tickets. Went down to the base of the parents. Purchase our doberman showing his tea and then the parents said sickened. Jesus first of all. Don't ever name your dog. Jesus okay but that's how some people see god in jesus. Oh you're having fun. God's gonna wreck it. You're having a good day. God's going to ruin it. Oh you want. God's will no no that that's not what you want it all we. We were afraid to surrender ourselves to the lord. We sort of think of it like going on a diet. You know it. Just it's going to be misery. It's going to be wheat germ and tofu and kale you know when did kale become. What is the deal with. Kale all of a sudden everywhere i go. It's kale kale burgers. Kale smoothies everything. Cars out of kale. Their prius is of course but just somehow fix only But but you know for me. I am always attracted to the wrong foods. I mean in the south. What i wanna wanna fried chicken and biscuit grid ola tempest salad wii but some people see god that we all just restrictive and it's miserable and well there are restrictions on. Let's be honest and the bible does tell us to not do certain things but mamik god tells us to do in their places so much. Better listen to this. God's plan for you as good. I know it's a cliche. I know you've heard it before. But i believe it's absolutely true. Cut really does love you and he really does have a wonderful plan for your life. It's biblical i love jeremiah. Twenty nine eleven muffin asked what my favorite verse in. The bible is now and write this one down because it's right there in the top ten for sure and i've completely forgotten but if i could remember it i'd love no jeremiah. Twenty nine eleven. God says i know that thoughts. I think toward you says the lord thoughts of peace and not able

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