Creighton Basketball Coach Suspended After 'Plantation' Remark


So creighton announced late thursday. That gray. mcdermott has now suspended from all team activities including this weekend's game because of racially insensitive remarks he made after a recent loss. What do you make of this decision. After they had previously said everything anything that we do will be handled internally. And i guess my second question would be this. If you're gonna do this which you know. Reasonable people can disagree on whether they should do what they did or not. But if you're going to do it. Why didn't you do it before the villa nova game because before the villanova game was still after this story had already been made public. That's the question here. I mean creighton completely botched this when we talked about this on the wednesday episode. You know the story had come out. Statements had been made and at that point our understanding was that any additional punishments. We're going to be private. which again is just bs. It doesn't just because you're a private institution. i mean. this is the same school that refuses to publicly acknowledge that it has received its notice of allegation from the empty aa which it has you know that stuff. Just doesn't fly with me at all as it pertains to this as it pertains to the way and all of that the fact that you suddenly like you allow mcdermott mcdermott. On the record has said. I was ready to resign. Okay i made a mistake. I misspoke. This was an egregious error if you want me to leave the program coach team anymore. I'm willing to do that okay. Players say no no no at least at least enough people said no. We're that did not happen. We don't know if anyone would have said yes. I'd prefer to do that. We don't have those answers. So mcdermott coaches against villanova and then creighton potatoes statement. You know in the nine o'clock eastern our about on thursday night after our crate. Men's basketball team returned to omaha earlier. Today father hendrickson. And i engaged with other senior leaders and dialogue and discussion regarding appropriate sanctions for remarks made by mcdermott. That were not in alignment with crayton's commitment to racial equity diversity in respect coach. Mcdermott and the team have accepted that effective immediately. He is suspended from all team. Activities including saturday's home season finale against butler further sanctions remained under consideration of all of which will be shared publicly. So he won't coach against butler on saturday. We don't know if he's going to coach again at all this season. It's quite clearly a terrible look to let him coach against in your biggest game of your season on the road against villanova with a league championship on the line. You know like it just doesn't look good. You do this. You haven't coached against villanova. Then he gets back home and now he's suspended. If if i don't quite understand why you weren't able to determine this from early sunday morning until wednesday we had all this time between the end of the year loss and when the statements came out acknowledging what had happened to decide this and then what changes in a matter of time apparently creighton remain on the road. I guess and so. This is the first time. I've actually got back to campus. And i don't necessarily think person to person interaction needs to require this kind of suspension mcdermott. By the way he did tweet when all this came out and said i made a mistake. And i own it. Mistakes come consequences and i accept and agree with the suspension.

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