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And welcome in to poke the bear Episode 34 David Ortiz. The name is a dish ruins David Ortiz Bruins Legend David Ortiz video Legend. Did he I'm sorry. I was clarified. He he would be a legend if you know, he was just be able to do a video tribute ahead of game seven, but he had a good shot in the back could good. NA Taki guide not a proven hockey guy, right when you have to have gallbladder surgery and you can't make it home know the hockey tough. I mean if hockey player gets shot. He's doing the video that night and on this maybe an hour later. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh before it gets knocked out from anesthesia if he even used anesthesia, which probably wouldn't he wouldn't but basically, you know, go Bruins do do the video like that on the Optima on the operating table. So and work out way better. But yeah baseball tough job. No, I thought there was no crying in baseball and he's over here getting that's not being with Tom Hanks told us but apparently it's not the case when you take a bullet to the back. So guess there's some exceptions. I guess it's jealous. But yes, this is the David Ortiz Episode 34 of talking about how are you doing very well Evan as you can see on the background obvious people on the podcast listening. No. No, I've met back to the Garden. I started off in Tahoe, but I've made it back just in time for tonight's game against the Rangers which based on the way the teams going. I might be playing at Wing so long because it is quite diet these days to say the least. Well, I'll say this I was the last shot defenseman in high school. So I was in the top four, so I'm just saying I'm just wouldn't take no there wouldn't take long to get me wouldn't take a lot to put me on defense I'm saying but yes, this episode is going to be based pretty much all around the issues of this team and Thursday. Address them. And the reason I think we're going to address these things is for I think two main reasons number one the Bruins go into Long Island lose Twenty One in a shootout probably should have won the game. They should had more goals just wage, you know, you go off of the last five games. I think they've given up one regulation goal-per-game and they only have two wins or three wins. It's Bruins stats had it was yeah, they've given up one goal in each the last five games and got six out of a possible ten points out of it. So I mean, yeah, that's good. Yeah, that's what you know, you're considering how tight this division is going to be you're letting points kind of get away like that then wage. It's not great right now. It's funny. One of my friends who is very negative with the Bruins said Evan. When you going to write an article about how the Bruins might not make the playoffs and I said first of all probably be a video cuz that's where the focus is wage. But also I we're not at the point yet where we're going to consider like, you know, I'm not making the playoffs cuz obviously divisions tight. There's a lot of hockey left. We will get into that discussion after or up to age. Add line and what they do with the deadline kind of can we can tell whether or not they might make they might miss the playoffs cuz obviously we expect them to make the playoffs if they didn't that's a big problem wage. But at any rate so that the Bruins of the stinker on the island the secondary scoring has been non non existent and not just like the last five games for a while like for a for a long time the secondary scoring. I mean you could say years really you go back years. I mean even Don Sweeney set it on Wednesday like you can't get more blunt than the fact that your second line. You expect going into the year of crazy Kasha and debrusk have zero five and five goals on the air and again not a five-game sample. It's not even like a concerning Trend this point right? We're like over a third of the month, of course like fifty percent through the year and you have zero five and five goals from that group. That's I can consciously been hurt. So I don't know if you want to wait him in that category, but that is insane. Tai Anderson has a wage Zero goals this year for David. Krejci one goal in 17 games for debrusk one goal in his last 14 for Craig Smith goals and two of the last 17 games for Charlie Coyle one goal and an assist in the last fifteen games for Anders Bjork. You can't have that and like that and we say this every year because they the last couple of years they've always faced as a secondary scoring isn't there they need to address it and last year. They thought they did with Richie and with Kasha they did this year for Richie, but, obviously injured Still unproven like I sure was unproven at the time when they got him. It was a lot of the advanced stats stuff, you know as expected goals are really good. And of course before was great, but the production itself was not there. I'll just I'm sorry to cut you off. But even if Sasha comes back before the deadline, like are we confident like, you know, that that's going to solve even if let's say he comes back and scored three goals in like his first five games back and the deadlines they're like, are you confident with him being your toxics guy? Like no, I would rather have some more prudent and cautious wherever he brings you offense tributes. That's gravy. Right like it's but I even if he's somehow gets back and stays healthy, which is the biggest issue with him.

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