Dallas Police Officer Bryan Riser fired after internal investigation following accusations of capital murder


Yesterday. Dallas police chief. Eddie garcia said in a news release that he fired officer. Brian reiser after an investigation into allegations that riser ordered the killings of two people. The internal affairs investigation concluded that riser. Engaged in adverse conduct when he was arrested for two counts of capital murder riser. Who joined the department in two thousand eight and was assigned to the south central patrol. Division was arrested last week when allegations surfaced that he was involved in the killings of sixty year old albert douglas and thirty year old martha signs in twenty seventeen when garcia announced risers arrest. Last week he signalled. He wanted to get the officer fired as quickly as possible but announcing the termination before a formal internal affairs investigation could have resulted in a serious misstep under civil service rules. This individual has no business wearing this uniform. Garcia said last week. I can't be clear than that

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