To be a professional water polo were or an Olympic water polo ER


Driver where I Iive there. I do a lot of highway miles from where I live where I work. But I put on the cruise control and I'll just set it about 10 miles an hour over the speed limit, so I don't get pulled over and I'll just cruise like that. But, you know, I don't mind going 75. Even close to 80 at the speed limit. It allows it, but I'm not going to 100 Miles an hour, Connor. All right number one hardest things to do in sports. All right, John, number one, the hardest thing to do in all of sports playing water polo. It's not easy to tread water in the deep end of the pool. Think about how hard that is. How long you could really tread water before you get tired. It's almost impossible to move quickly in the water in general. Water polo ear's tread water in the deep end while moving quickly and exerting energy for almost an hour. Try playing water polo or pool, basketball or anything like that In the shallow end of the pool. You're tired. You're dead. Tired in about five minutes. Now try being in the deep end and playing water polo. And imagine how hard that is. The physical shape you have to be in to

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