All right. It is Sunday morning and we bring in the Professor. Well, how are you?


The crowd just didn't get it done. And it's great to see people you get to say Hello. You know it. Ze human game. And I'm so happy that Sands air back in the ball park and I see some places in the country. They have full stadiums. Yeah. Yeah, I've been watching some game some Texas and you think there was no pandemic anywhere, and there's no masks. There's no nothing so we'll see. We'll see where it all goes. But you guys actually have a trip coming up, You'll be going to Miami. Yeah, we'll be going to Miami and then went on to Philly and you know, Florida is one of those states. It's pretty open, so I haven't looked at any of their attendance is there But you know what to be here in San Francisco and have our fans in the ballpark. There's nothing better than that. Well, well. Opening day is a time for people to step up, and Posey and Cueto really stepped up when a combination Cueto feel that his position that bunt early in the game was a great play. But he's a master. And it was a big moment and Johnny Cueto rose to the moment. Yeah.

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