A highlight from The Tour Catch-Up: Queen Kudermetova reigns in Charleston; Young guns Musetti, Alcaraz + Osorio Serrano make their mark; Delayed French Open fallout; Uncle Toni joins Team Felix; Monte Carlo preview + predictions


Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show. Joan came the tennis poke costs by fans. On today's episode backed by a crowd funders marling and cynthia cherian keita. Matab wooden charleston. Saudi does the doubling cagliari and gareth's gets push back by one week a kim. The clay season is well and truly. Hey monte-carlo is just around the corner. We've had a week of clay events in the buildup in america and europe. We've had red clay. We've had greed clay as well. I mean excited at the prospect. You happy the hard courts and now very much well for now anyway in the review era as a as a raffle fan as fan. I am delighted that players claes. Hey it's monte-carlo which is just the most beautiful tournament in the world and we didn't have you lost your as well carting. Yeah for me just visually. It is the greatest ornament with the mountain view. The cpu is just stunning. And love. having it. I mean i love being that but i love jose watching on television. I love it when the aerial shot. See you see the scenery as well as the tennis. Of course but yeah really excited for raffles. Return this week and we'll be getting onto a bit later. When we preview the drool at the end of today's episode eight but we should start with with the clay that we've had this week the green try of charleston the red clay of elsewhere. Blue clay though joel Well yeah i mean. I feel like some people are really won't blue to baker an emergency gate or the tour. I just feel like. I feel like it's an un rooted in this chapter blue clay. I feel like there should be more chapters to come. Maybe after rough on the dow has retired. Because i know he's not he's not the biggest fan well roach ephedra federer. Fonz were walnut injury. Say he's the plea clay which we'll get. We'll give that to fed. Let's go yeah. We had like the green clay of charleston. Let's start there because that was the wj five hundred and the final is literally just finished about half an hour ago before we started recording. And that was veronica data against thank you. Kovic say two names that many people out familiar with two names. That probably i wouldn't have picked out come through to the final looking at the the top names that we have in the drawer but i think actually i think only knowing Well only one of the top ten z's made into the quarter-finals and that was ashbal she say it really wasn't a good week for the higher ranked. Wpa players was at joba in the end. Could you could matata has won. Have very first. Wj tighter without dropping set so fantastic week for for the young russian player. Yeah really impressive. From her i watched a bit of her match against stevens in her quarterfinal. She just has a really nice game really really easy on the eye of game to watch. I think quite flat. She likes to be quite aggressive. And i think she in in that sense eve is matt. She really has a big game. I think from the bay side i mean. I was reading in the preview to the final one. I think growing up. I was kind of maria. Maria sharp paver. You can think you can see aspects of moorish paribas game in. Hurricane is doing her kind of really while at the moment and yes. She was really impressive. This week winning all of her matches in straight-sets. And i think making the most solve some of the higher profile players perhaps being a little bit tired from miami suddenly feel like that was the case with kind of ashbal a as well but yeah i think very impressive stuff from her able to kind of get through kovic in the final as the favor should be really. Should we really really happy with. Yeah because they will have us title on the wpa and coming up against competition the final who is ranked ninety one in the world. So could you tape awards today. The clear favourite to win that one and she did do so in straight-sets. six four. six. Much tidier i think on the on on the court today Generates a lot more kind of break point chances and took them so upset deserve victory and i she's been playing really well weaken. She had a really strong season. i think she's about fifth in the in the wgn race entitled she got to the final in abu dhabi. She might the quarters in saint petersburg and now finally picking up. Sorry to hear so. She's going to be going up to the top thirty in the welsh between nine in the world from tomorrow. Say she is is like the the number one rushing player on the tour now say. I'm yeah fantastic. Week for and i don't sit for covenant she was also gunning for her first title on the wto toward an actually. She's been around for a while and she she has been to. Wj finals before but not for at least five years. So it's been a long long time since she's been at this stage of and this would have been her her biggest moment as well as she would have been able to pick it up today but we'll see not to be y- i mean she had a great win against patrick uva four and one in the in the in her route to the final and yeah it was just having a step to fall in the final irish covid actually because she got double bagel by ash balti- at the australian open on the harcourt court so obviously she has come a long way since sadden i if clay is her so of number one surface but you have really really impressive stuff to kind of come through quest stacked field i think in terms of high profile players in a five hundred. Come through unseeded. In that bottom half really good witness while against your in the semifinal if thing was was playing some of the best tennis this week because she was able to yes you just able to come through it pretty convincingly but yeah really impressive from hurts you to get to the final as well. He an honorable was the highest e. Left it was the twelfth sade. Go to the semi finals. And actually she. That was the first semifinal on the tour on clay which is surprising. I would have assumed that owns. You would have kind of got to that stage already. There we go say breaking into new territory as well but yeah great when for confidentiality baharan as well like you said she definitely i think make use of of some of the top seeds having gone out because hedgerow if you look on paper. You wasn't the toughest think anyone would disagree with that. But she's still got the job done against the likes of sloan stevens and pull up at isa. So i'm really kind of clean Clinical week for for him. I could i taper off. I think we have a mouthful. But yeah let's just mentioned slain stevens out. She joe because she had she had. I think pre decent we you know she goes to the to find she wanted. Three much is in a row including a win over fellow american madison keys. I'd also against tom ianovich. Do we think this is possibly the stall of ever slain stevens.

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