Prince Philip and the queen's royal love story



Celebrating prince queen elizabeth husbanded closest confidante dead at ninety nine now the life and legacy of prince philip from childhood marked by heartache to a promising naval career sacrificed for service to his queen. He has quite simply been my strength and stay all these years how. The of edinburgh revolutionized the monarchy and guided a grieving nation and just the crown battles a new series of crises. What the future now holds for the royal family marching forward without their prints. Good evening and thank you for joining us. I'm trevor all tonight. A wave of sadness washing over buckingham palace. Queen elizabeth and the entire united kingdom mourning the loss of prince philip. Now inside the duke's lifetime of allegiance as a husband a grandfather a pillar of strength behind the british monarchy ninety nine tolls at london's westminster abbey fritz phillips. Ninety nine years of life mourning the loss of queen. Elizabeth beloved husband of seventy three years. This is absolutely devastating for the queen. This is the love of her life. The man who was by has tied for decades fell in love with the queen and chose to take on a lawyer. No suddenly being her husband but also serving crown prince charles visited his mother this afternoon as the royal family plans for funeral. Eight days from now. Prince harry and meghan markle paying tribute from afar on their foundation's website. Prince william and his wife catherine also honoring the duke on instagram

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