Black Art and Liberation with Rosalind McGary

Black History Year


Roslyn. What does black liberation look like to you to me. Black liberation looks like freedom freedom to express gas as an artist. The way i'd like to express on any given day at any given moment freedom to care for each other care about each other freedom of movement to go where we please when we please how we please and to be able to share knowledge about our culture with each other uninhibited. And how do you see your work as working towards black liberation. My work with iconic black panther is threefold and learning. We're learning as we go right It kind of develops in. Then we look back at it and say wow. This is developing in this direction. But i will say that I kind of black panther. There it's a series. A multi city art exhibitions. We've done three already. The i was in oakland in two thousand sixteen. The second one In los angeles in the third in chicago the fourth was to be this year in new york. I say multi city exhibitions because each exit is not a traveling exhibition. Each exhibition is different and reflects the city and the city's history with artists with cultural movements with social equity movements. Each city has its own personality and those personalities are able to express in the production of these artists visions.

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