Guess Is Under Fire for Knocking Off Telfar's 'Shopping Bag'

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Far clemenza designed a vegan leather shopping bag that is extremely popular. It's nickname is the bushwick birkin. We've talked about it a number of times on the show. It's beloved to describe it if you haven't seen. It has a rigid rectangular shape two sets of straps and is recognizable mostly by the circular shaped logo and the center of the bag as a circle with a t and it is iconic. It is beautiful. Well guess came out with a bag. That looks kinda familiar. It is the same shape it has to says of straps if features a circular logo with a g in the middle. And you might think well. A rectangular bag is a rectangular bag right. No look so much like it. Lisa looked at it right before the show. What did you think lisa. It's a same ding. Dang bag but like not as good is the guest one made of leather. I don't think so. i think still vegan. Yeah it's no the talafar one looks way better. Of course gas dot called out. People were like yeah no to such an extent. That gas withdrew the bag completely. You cannot buy any more in a statement. The company said this is what guests said quote signal brands. The handbag licensee of guests inc has voluntarily halted the sale of its g logo totes. Some on social media have compared the totes to tel afar global shopping bags signal brands does not wish to create any impediments to tell far global success and such as independently decided to stop selling the g logo totes. How benevolent of them want notice. They used the words voluntarily and independently fascinating.

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