Click Funnels and Branding With Henry Kaminski


My guest. Today is henry kamensky. Henry gotta start as a self taught graphic designer and eventual brand consultant defying the odds to build a multi million dollar business over twelve years. He's brought his particular expertise that building click funnels to a remarkably diverse range of business owners and professionals from musician. Jon bon jovi and fabio vivani to internet marketing expert russell brunson the latter of whom named henry the million dollar brand dr. Thanks so much for joining me today. Henry diane what an intro. Thank you so much for having me. you are welcome. Thanks so much. Purveying here so i wanna to start with. I have a question for you that branding and then you know i have a bunch of other questions for you but We will go from there. So we'll you explain to the listeners. How branding helps with sales conversion absolutely. So let's define branding the best way that i've learned it as a person expert in this space for over fourteen years. It's the gut feeling people get when they interact with you. Your business product or service. It's that old saying you know what they say about you. After you leave the room that is ranting at its best and i got this definition from mardi new mayer. He is a god in the branding. Space he's wrote books like the brand gap the brand flip And a few others. And when i came across that definition from him it really really resonated with me so when a lot of people think of branding they think of colors think of what it looks like and the the logo and website and all that stuff. Those are your brand assets but brand. Is that feeling that connection that experience that people receive when they come in contact with your business.

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