Robertino Diodoro Celebrates Seventh Place Finish at Kentucky Derby


Tino dea. Doro is a few. Wins behind. Bob baffert at this point but he may catch him eventually because he's one heck of a horse trainer and he had a chance to experience the kentucky derby for the first time last saturday with. Keep me in mind who i told you earlier ran a really good race. Robert tinos with me now here on h. r. r. n. robert tino. Good morning my friend. Welcome they're not good morning. Thanks for having me. Yeah yeah thanks for being here Tell me about the kentucky derby. What was the experience like it. Was you know settling Never forget and Already itching to get back Hopefully one day soon Now it was a lot of fun. Was it everything you dreamed. It might be Definitely end more. It was It was quite the rush Just leading up to it. And then of course the walkover Was nice to see fans back and Definitely the buzz In the tunnel while the horses were walking out on post buried. I have talked to so many trainers in. So many owners over the years about that walkover and everybody kind of says the same thing they say. It's one of the most incredible walks in all the sports and all those types of things. But what what's it really like. Robert tino for somebody like myself has never done it. How do you describe it who've and it's tough it's like i said it's definitely a buzz and i think by Hair on my arms standing up to be honest. It was a rush. I mean it was Definitely a while.

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