Anabel Englund Drops Debut Album Messing With Magic

Inside the Studio


I'm so happy to welcome anna bill. England hang. Hey guys how are you. Oh well thank you so much for taking the time today. Your new record is incredible. It's called messing with magic. Which i think just right off. The bat is an incredible title. What does that mean to you. How would you define the magic well to me. Messing with magic is about kind of going against the grain. And because i feel like in society it's it's so often easier to accept that we dislike ourselves versus begging ourselves up or or being our number one fan and i kind of want to change the narrative into me messing with magic about like cutting out the bullshit finding yourself love and like saying like i love myself and i care about myself and i did this thing and it's amazing and being proud of yourself for that too so it's kind of a journey of self love and love with for other people and all that all that stuff. We definitely need more of that. I believe you said that this record is the debut of the beginning of me How do you feel that you've grown and change from all the incredible work and songs that's come before this. Yeah i mean before assigned to record. I was just making music to get it out and you know have a continuation of songs. I mean they all are still so important to me. But this debut is. The first cohesive unit that i was able to put out and it has some older songs i've written but also some newer songs that had just written with songwriters and producers that ultra had teamed up with so it was kind of like like i of say it was just kind of light chiseling away at all the pieces and then i ended up having this album and before people would say. What's your sound like. What would be your ideal song that you would make. And you know so i would have to go into meetings prepared to say why would cut up this song from the access. And take this song from robin. But then like how this bridge from. Madonna and really. It's like i can only figure out what my sound is by making

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