Financial Tips for Every Entrepreneur to Action Right Now


Guys so pumped to have michelle brown seen here today to inform us and to help us and to give some great advice when it comes to our finances to taxes to everything when it comes to making sure we have the right practices in place when it comes to our money and our business. Michelle want to kick off by saying you know many of our listeners. They're just getting started. The business side hustle. They're they're doing on the side with their full time job and many of them are wondering when is a good time to hire an accountant sales. That's a very personal decision. and one. That really depends on where you're at in your business cycle however. I think it can make a lot of sense even when you're first starting now with a separate side-hustle Separate from your fulltime job to sit down with an accountant and perhaps do just one or two our consultation to talk about. How should i be thinking about my additional income. Make sure your filing things correctly Doing so typically. After tax time is a good time to catch most accountants. It had to be really busy in the spring. And when you get to a point where your income from your side. Business is a fifty percent or more of your overall income. That's often when i'll see someone hire an accountant now for some individuals that's not the right level. They say my by dances and my taxes are getting too complicated long before they hit that fifty percent threshold and they end up hiring an accountant. Ben and others are very comfortable filing their own taxes and end up waiting a bit longer. So really comes down to personal preference And i think it's always a good idea to sit down with an accountant up even if it's just once a year for some good hygiene check and make sure that you're doing the right things when it comes to filing your taxes and treating your outside income meaning outside from your full time job appropriately when you go to file

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