'Black America's Attorney General' Seems to Be Everywhere


I'm Julie Walker some call him black America's Attorney General his lawyer Ben Crump and he's been very busy taking on the case is a black Americans killed by police the Florida attorney has become a powerful figure in the movement seeking equality and justice a civil rights activist al Sharpton you check the general for black America because people can go to hell what application crop represents the families of George Florida Brianna Taylor long before that there was Trayvon Martin and Michael brown he's one multi billion dollar settlements push to ban certain police tactics and last year just after Floyd's death he told a congressional committee on police reform we have right now part two systems of justice one for white Americans and another for black Americans probably earned about inequality at an early age describing that in elementary school he found out a white classmates weekly allowance was as much as what his mother made in a week working two jobs I'm Julie Walker

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