Has Biden Declared a War on Meat?


Recent weeks claims of a quote unquote war on meet are being pushed by the usual suspects in response to the biden. Administration's moves to address climate change. It was falsely suggested multiple times on fox news and by some republican members of congress. That president biden's plan will limit red meat. Eating in order to curb greenhouse gas emissions has not proposed a limit on red meat consumption. However some in the food world taking seriously the connection between greenhouse gas emissions and the beef we consume last week epicurious one of the largest cooking websites announced that it will no longer published new recipes that include beef an effort to promote more sustainable cooking. But it won't remove the old ones and on monday a high end new york restaurant. Eleven madison park announced that their return to in-person dining next month will come with a twist at entirely vegan menu. We wanted to understand what all these decisions add up to so to help us answer that we've called mark pitman. He is a food writer and has been eating cooking and advocating for more plant forward diets now for more than a decade his new book. Animal vegetable junk is out now mark pitman. Welcome back thanks so much for joining us pleasure. Great to be here so could you just set the table for us as it is a horror. You see what i did their route. How much impact does beef have on climate change and the planet or maybe more. Broadly could you tell us the baseline there. First of all separating. The environmental impact of animal products from climate change is kind of tricky and separating the impact of agriculture from fossil fuel production since agriculture is so fossil fuel. Reliant is also tricky but it is safe to say that agriculture in general and animal production in particular and most particularly beef. So sort of in that in that cascading order are huge. Contributors to climate

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