Chinese Rocket Debris Expected to Hit Earth This Weekend


Air blasting the United States for making too big a deal about their 100 FT rocket that's due to come crashing to earth sometime this weekend. I didn't know we were making that big of a deal about it, apparently just the fact that we are talking about it. It all has China very upset. Well, don't launch rockets in the space and then not have a plan for them to come back. You idiots. Apparently, we don't know, but apparently we're not gonna be shooting it down, either they because people were talking about is doing that. I don't know how you're gonna be able. If you don't know where it's gonna land. Are you gonna be able to anyway? I think they're going to get like a couple of hours. They'll have like a two hour window window of when it you know, sort of re enters the atmosphere when they'll be like Okay. Now we know basically the radius of of impact. In a story published by the country state media, the officials criticized Western hype of the China threat and space technology advancement, adding. It's Completely normal for rocket debris to return to earth. Chinese experts conclude The rocket, which helped carry the country's new space station in orbit last week, will likely fall in international waters, and they're right. Yeah, my most likely cause a lot of water on the planet. You know, there's a chance. What if it doesn't if there's if there's a there's a possibility here, Um, it could land on the third Precinct. It's still a shell E mean that zero notice to say it way. Just be our luck. It would just be our Like that The rocket would land like, you know, somewhere in the twin cities, something that just got rebuilt from the right right right. And that's something that the DFL ongoing capitalize on and try to get more money from the taxpayers to fix. Us. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin agrees. There's not a strong chance the rocket will. There's a strong chance the rocket will land in the ocean, he says. There's also a chance it won't For those of us who operate in the space domain. There should be a requirement to operate in a safe and thoughtful mode and make sure we take those kinds of things into consideration, adding. We had the capability to do a lot of things. We don't plan to shoot it. Down as we speak, he says. We don't have a plan to shoot it down as we speak, and that could be interpreted in a few different ways. That's true that could be interpreted as we don't think it will be necessary to shoot it down or

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