Spiritualism: A Ouiga Board Story


Life was not easy in the early twentieth century. And we're talking. Like lack of dishwashers vacuum cleaners. I'm talking about death in. nineteen hundred. Left span is forty nine years old. Thanks to things like childbirth war disease. You name it. So when a religious movement called spiritualism promises people away to contact the dead many of them leap at the chance they miss their loved ones and if mind readers fortune tellers and mystics can help dole that pain. They're all for it. One of these devotees is a middle aged woman from saint louis named emily. Hutchings spiritualism is more of an interest or hobby for emily by day. She's a writer and she's also close friends with a housewife named pearl courant. The two of them often spend their evenings in pearls parlor doing all the normal things women do in the night like gaza or talk about an article. Emily's working on while their husbands play cards in the next room. Then in the fall of nineteen twelve pearls father dies. Pearl is devastated by this and as a spiritualist. Emily decides to introduce a new activity to their evenings. A ouija board. You've probably seen a ouija board most likely some kind whore context. They've become a huge part of pop culture. Thanks to movies like the exorcist. Nowadays most people won't go near them but in nineteen twelve ouija. Boards weren't seen as dangerous. They were one of spiritualism is most popular tools. They look a lot like your average board game. They're flat rectangular board with letters and numbers printed across it and the words yes and no written onto corners. It also comes with a smooth flat piece of wood called a plan chat which is placed on top of the board participants. Sit around the board each with a finger on the plan chat and they wait for spirits to move it spelling out messages. So emily brings this board to pearl's house and pearls like listen okay. I'm willing to try it. Why not anything to talk to my dad again for months the two of them play with the ouija board and for months pearl remains unimpressed. The plan chet does move beneath their fingers. But it only seems to spell out gibberish. Nothing worth writing down pearl calls it silly chatter that is until the night of nineteen thirteen when emily and pearl perch the ouija board between their knees and put their fingers on the plan chat.

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