NRA Bankruptcy Filing Blocked by Texas Judge


Safety groups have been celebrating. Today's thunderclap ruling against the nra by a federal judge in texas who ruled that the nra cannot escape a new york lawsuit that aims to end the organization that aims to dissolve it as an organization. The nra had tried to declare bankruptcy to avoid that fate. Federal bankruptcy. judge today blocked. That told them. no they can't do it. The president of every town for gun safety said in response quote. Today's disastrous decision for the nra shows that they can't even file for bankruptcy correctly which doesn't bode well for the many lawsuits and investigations. They must now face shannon watts. Founder of moms demand action said this quote we showed the world the nra could be taken on and beaten not only by exposing them but by notching victory after victory in statehouses school board. City councils in boardrooms the nra got its clock cleaned in court but the gun safety movement is stronger than ever

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