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Altona van after Kilo Park Drive stopped in the right hand lane out crews now assisting in the other direction. There's great for being holdups from the teller freeway around of the Hume Freeway following an earlier break there. In fact, most of the freeways out there building for the afternoon pick the Monets free weights heavy from you're a boulevard after spring borrowed and the escape freeway both directions between the tunnels and the bridge and South Yarra take care, turning on the King's way City bound fronts and killed the road. That's the short stretch between ST Kilda Road in Queens. Right. There's a broken down taxi that's blocking the left lane there just the right length and get past The school weeks nearly over its national walk to school day today, and kids are on their way home is always take care on the roads and heat of the school's own limits and drive to the conditions and basses are replacing trains on sections of the summary line till Wednesday for summer line upgrade works the last of extra time and don't forget to wear a mask. If you notice anything called 1 300 Triple 2774. That's the latest Melvin traffic. You're with Raph Epstein on ABC Radio Melbourne Coming up on news therapy, I still want to know. What you hear when someone says, don't bring anything because very many of you are still outraged, Including this

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