The Rise and Fall of the Skinny Jean


Eighty liberty in is a denim expert and consultant and she was at the company superfine. That rolled out one of the first collections of skinny jeans in the early two thousands. She says they were like this. Revelation were so edgy and cool. There was though one kind of big problem. They were hard to get on. They were hard to get off. Oh my gosh. Getting them off nightmare. That can just see myself in the bedroom drunk early. Twenty s trying to get my dad's skinny jeans of standing on them and playing. It was a real thing. But then innovation sa- mills in italy started producing stretch denim which meant skinny jeans. Easy to get on and pretty comfortable and flattering customers went for them. Skinny jeans dominated runways and city streets in two thousand and two two thousand five two thousand ten two thousand fifteen in the land of fast fashion seasonal trends. The skinny jean was like caesar dominating everything refusing to let go of his grip of our. And amy laverton said. This actually was kind of hard on fashioned. Companies is something that i feel guilty about working trend forecasting because of see we all have enough stuff as it is but obviously a part of the apparel industry. You know the the whole point of it is to make money so yeah it made it harder because obviously if you've already got your five pairs say of skinny jeans. How'd you sell. Amy says designers just gave up on trying to push new silhouettes onto customers and they surrendered to the skinny. In fact twenty years went by and skinny jeans. And all of their various forms just kept out-selling everything

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