Jerry Seinfeld Performs at Re-Opened Gotham Comedy Club in NYC


I'm I'm Julie Julie Walker Walker Jerry Jerry Seinfeld Seinfeld was was back back on on stage stage in in New New York York City City as as it it reopens reopens clubs clubs theaters theaters and and music music venues venues for for limited limited capacity capacity shows shows Jerry Jerry Seinfeld Seinfeld strolled strolled into into the the Gotham Gotham comedy comedy club club Friday Friday night night for for its its re re opening opening and and said said he's he's excited excited to to bring bring the the live live comedy comedy back back the the audience audience was was great great and and I I was was actually actually doing doing like like you you can can I I still still do do this this to to you you you you know know I I don't don't know know but but you you wonder wonder if if you you remember remember us us like like not not playing playing tennis tennis for for years years so so had had it it go go comedy comedy never never changes changes it's it's funnier funnier it's it's not not and and Seinfeld Seinfeld has has a a message message about about the the Big Big Apple Apple coming coming back back no no place place feels feels like like this this place place and and and and people people who who think think they they will will will will get get used used to to that that living living here here that that used used the the you you know know real real new new Yorkers Yorkers will will realize realize it it doesn't doesn't work work it it says says that's that's because because only only New New York York is is New New York York Julie Julie Walker Walker New New York York

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