Shakealert Earthquake Early Warning System Going Live in Washington State


In just over a month. New technology that can give people a crucial early warning of it. Impeding earthquake will go live in Washington state details from Como's Bill O'Neill, the U. S Geological Survey says the implementation of the shake alert system here may 4th will mean the entire West Coast to be covered by the technology. Using seismic sensors. The system can detect the initial waves generated by an earthquake and quickly calculate an estimated location strengthen time of arrival of the main shaking event. It will then send an automated alert to cell phones and other emergency broadcast outlets to give residents of few to perhaps several seconds of lead. Time to drop down, Seek cover and hold on for one, the shaking arrives. Honor perform 1/4 You want to check your phone to ensure While this emergency alerts are turned on, the network will go live at 65% completion, with additional sensors being placed across the region over the next few

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