A highlight from Committed: Season Six Trailer



After five seasons of committed with more than one hundred episodes that have been downloaded. Nearly seven million times seven million. Isn't that crazy people. Ask me if. I now have the world's greatest the best the sexiest the most amazing marriage of all time. Let's ask my husband. Well it's been a lot cheaper. The marriage therapy. You know one of my favorite things about this podcast. Who's gotten this talking. Okay frankly i do think it's better do. It's better because doing the committed podcast. Let's see other couples doing hard things and if they can do hard things then i realized i can do hard things to or things that are not so hard like just being nice to my husband and if anything is hard making a marriage last am i right so everyone get really excited because we are about to launch season. Six six seasons ramsey recently reminded me that that's as many seasons as there are police academy movies or at least acceptable police academy movies. We've got so much good sore for you. We're going to kick it off with none other than phil donahue and marlo. Thomas did anyone else. Besides me what. Phil donahue to be their dad when they were growing up. They're going to tell us how the hell to make a marriage where for forty years half of us get divorced half of us. So you know you and me babe forever musical kind of idea. It doesn't consist with reality. And that's why making mirrors last can be such a challenging thing. It's just isn't easy. I'm marriage is really a cushion. It's a cushion in life that if you don't have that boy life is pretty Atlanta sharp corners. I also got to meet. Kelsey and leah fitzgerald. By the way. I bawled my eyes out during this episode leeann proposed to kelsey. She completely lost the use of her legs in a construction accident. I had a tube stuck down my throat. So i couldn't talk and mary was confined to a bed. Confined to kind of darkness and silence. My heart was so numb. I think from so much trauma. Just i couldn't access like how i felt about everything especially couldn't access like how i felt about kelsey at the time but then on his birthday on september fourth. I was stuck in an mri machine. I started thinking about asking him to marry me and maybe in the next day sitting in the hospital room alone with him. And i said what do you want to get married to me. And he said of course and this one. The way was a big hit when i announced on social media we've got carol baskin carole baskin and her husband. Howie of tiger king. Fame who else binge watched tiger king in the early days of the pandemic and ever since then all they wanted to talk to carol baskin and how he and then i did you know we had binge watched tiger king together just like everybody else did and when we got to the end of it we just looked at each other and said we'll that was a missed opportunity and said my phone started ringing and it rain like every two minutes for the next three months with people screaming obscenities and how they wanted to kill me and they wanted to kill the cats and they wanted to kill my family and i wanted to burn the place to the ground to see carol so unjustly treated by these producers. I mean the the level of feeling of betrayal and rage. Well it was more than difficult those three months and we didn't know when it would end we didn't know. Would we ever be able to go a restaurant without somebody throwing something at us. There number of people that believe this nonsense about carole being involved with her husband's disappearance which is just absolute see.

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