A highlight from Mini-Ep 192: Thank You, Necks



The proper thirty-five facebook group where the password is serums. Indeed it is. I will kate. Yes story go no please say i was just perusing. The list the people trying to asking to get into the group and so many of them are like password. It's like i have no idea. It sounds like y'all just listen to like the first five minutes of any single forever thirty-five episode and we got you. It's true we've got you okay. I wonder how they find us. I don't know. I mean. I'm glad they're here but it was kind of making me chuckle. Because we literally say the fricken words serums pastures is true anyway. So you know. Kate you've had a i don't i don't know what to say. I mean i know you haven't let me down. I was going to say. I actually admire you for acknowledging that something you were excited. Abou- for some time is actually not working for you. So the very big plastic water bottle did not work out. Take us on this journey k. Because in the beginning you were excited about it. I was excited about the amount. Okay so let me take you on this journey. If you're if you're if you're new to ferber thirty five. I love hiding and i also think it's great for your skin. It's great for your body. It's great for your energy. It's great for everything. I love water. I love it so much. That i feel panicked when i don't have any water. So that means i have an array of water bottles and i normally tend to drink at least one hundred houses of water a day so i purchased the very popular very big motivational water. Jug that you might have seen all over instagram. It was featured in the new york times. There was a new york post about how celebrities are carrying around big near post article about how celebrities or carrying around big ass. Water jugs right now. It's clearly a trend. And as a water freak. I bought into it now. Here's what i don't like dory. I the one i had carried about seventy ounces of water which is a lot. It's a lot and you. I'll normally drink that throughout the day and it has the little has the time times on it for kind of where you should be aiming to be throughout your day right so it's like seven. Am here you go to pm. You've got this kind of takes you through the day. Well by eleven. Am the ice. That i had put in. This water jug was was smelted. Gone because it's a plastic jug and like in the after the water gets warm and stale and it just wasn't doing it for me. It was not a pleasurable drinking experience. There's a reason why those hydro flasks are insulated. Yeah so i. I had to kind of have a come to water jesus conversational. Jesus did walk on water. He didn't need a big water bottle. Now walk all over us right there. So i was like you know what i i love the idea of just. I love not having to refill my water bottle all day long. Which is what. Yeah but a hot plastic new no water also not cutting it for me so then. Dorey went onto our favorite yield amazon shop. He Now look we've talked about how we're trying to cut the cord on our amazon usage but there is a time and a place for amazon is very handy. It's true and not need a big ass water bottle bottle in the middle of a pandemic and it's one in the morning and you're not asleep and you're looking at water bottle so i bought myself and i'm going to show it to you at all. Ooh oh my god. You're going to have to post his on instagram. Because you know what it looks like. It looks like a massive drink thing that people walk around with in like cancun fake. Yes should i go to me holding it up so people can see what this looks like. Oh my god so bright pink which lends it a certain federal air salmon shade. So i also need a straw. That's my biggest requirement for any drinking. Utensil has to have a straw. So i found an insulated fifty ounce water jug with a straw top and handle. Okay probably ways right now because it's pretty full. It probably weighs five to ten pounds. I should actually way this thing. It's heavy well. Fifty ounces is just over three pounds and plus because the water bottle is plus yes plus the jug itself. So yeah i mean at least five or six but it keeps. I've been i've been using it. And i've been working like all hours of the day right now revising my book and this stays cool for all day. You know. I can fill it in the morning. Which i did. And if i'm still drinking this fifty ounce you know six six.

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