To take up to 7% tax on capital gains over too $150,000 in the Saturday session. That tax expected to raise 550 million or so a year. Supporters called the bill and emergency critics like John Bron call it an illegal income tax and slam the unnecessary emergency clause. Mercy Clause is simple. It's to keep people from voting on this bill. But supporters, including Senate Majority Leader Andy Billig, safe, the need to fund public health, education and more is an emergency. We're 50th out of 50 states and tax fairness. I don't think we should wait anyone tie radios had a Scott They're Republicans. State lawmakers unveil a plan to reopen the state's economy. There's a cost to staying where we're at the open, safe open now plan does away with the governor's regional system in favor of local control and sends all kids back to school in person, Senator John Bronze we clear one group state teacher's union to stand in the way of kids getting back to school. The city of Seattle is nearly finished. Installing new signs and lowering the speed limit on most major streets at speed limit is now 25 MPH 20 MPH on smaller neighborhood streets. Whether showers overnight lows down around 41 Saturday cloudy the high 51 I'm frank. She hires for breaking news highlights, podcasts and more download the Cairo radio at Cairo radio here for what's next. Let's

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