Are organizing a series of events to mark what happened from a protest march to a meal in one of the ancient painted caves once used by meditating monks. This isn't only about looking back. The Taliban's landmark deal with the United States is under review. Peace talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government are uncertain, but the Taliban's influence is greater now than it any time since their regime fell. The empty knishes in Bamyan raised questions about the future safety of the priceless pre Islamic treasures, which did survive world news from the BBC. Farmers in India a marking 100 days of protests against the government's agricultural reforms. They're gathering outside the capital Delhi, where they're attempting to block a major road for several hours. The farmers say changes to the law will ruin their livelihoods. But the government insists the reforms will leave workers better off and a badly needed to modernize India's agricultural industry. The United States has called for a sustained international effort to end the violence in Myanmar, where protests against last month's coup have been met with deadly force by the authorities. A spokesman for the U. N Secretary General Stefan Do, Tariq told the BBC that he hoped the Security Council would speak with a strong, unified voice.

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