Will they take our Guns?

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Right so. I was thinking of the episode. We're gonna do the myth fact debunking the guy the gun. Lobby's favorite talking points because listen every time there's a mass shooting we always get the same you know same. Bs oh we're gonna we're gonna try to pass a law. Try to pass them temple reform from the left and then the right conseillers the trend. They're trying to they're trying to gones you know and i get it. It can look that way because these measures are you know trying to ban assault rifles from a ban certain type of ammo band bump stocks. Hold all these different things in. It can be a lot for somebody to understand or digest or to even think about when it comes majority was don't even have guns so it doesn't even come to our thoughts like oh let me by gun but it has been more and more common especially nowadays with the craziness. Going around people. Being tapped will being killed the pandemic. It's like the perfect storm in regards to what to do for guns and gun lobbying gun control so that being said let's dive right into it. The biggest myth is only a gun. Makes you safer. The fact is only in gun puts you at a higher and high in risk for gun violence. The nra often argues that the united states is a dangerous place in that owning and carrying a gun is the only way to protect oneself and one's family which i mean it logically when he say it makes sense. Somebody who really burst in topic would be like. Oh well that's logical. But numerous studies have found that gun ownership increases the risk of both gun related homicides and suicides. That's that's you know. Let's think about that for a second obviously can be somewhat true because there's people who are really unstable in regards to mental help. A lot of states. Luckily new york is one of the states in regards to the strictest gun control laws but a lot of days as a matter of showing up going. I d doing background check within a couple of days. You've got a lot of on mental siebel things going on and i'm going to touch bit guns in their homes particularly dangerous for victims of domestic violence. The presents were going in a home with the history of domestic violence increases the risks that a woman will be killed by five hundred percent guns intended for self are calmly and fatal accidents. Studies have shown that across states higher lows of gun ownership are linked to the higher rates of unintentional firearm. Deaths

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