Judge Rules New York Must Vaccinate Prisoners Immediately


A strongly worded decision. Monday new york state supreme court justice alison to it ordered the state to immediately vaccinate incarcerated people and said officials quote irrationally distinguish between incarcerated people and people living in every other type of adult congregate facility at great risk to incarcerated people's lives during this pandemic. This comes as people who work in. New york's prisons in jails became eligible to receive the vaccine in january justice to its decision also came as governor cuomo announced only yorkers over the age of thirty canal access. The vaccine she ruled incarcerated people. Even younger than thirty should also be offered the vaccinations now. The lawsuit was filed behalf of two people. Held a new york city's rikers island jail. Twenty four year. Old obama free us and fifty two year old charles holden who lives in a dorm with forty eight of fifty beds filled with the beds inches apart the complaint says he shares quote eating spaces. Toilets sinks showers televisions telephones and recreational spaces of other incarcerated. Men at mealtime eats a communal table surrounded by other incarcerated. People cannot wear masks while they eat in short quote every aspect of daily life is communal. He's not able to practice social distancing unquote currently about ten percent of people held at rikers have covid nineteen new york. Jails about thirty four thousand people only about thirteen hundred prisoners who were senior citizens or have pre existing conditions have already been fully

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