Psychological Manipulation is a Solvable Problem



Dan. You are a cult de programmer. You're someone who helps people get out of cults and breakout of Taking and i wonder if just to begin you could tell us a little about your own history in a particular. Call the unification church Sometimes known as the moonies join that group. When i was seventeen years old. I was really confused about what was going on in the world. The vietnam war was going on. And i was listening to the music of our time that was inspiring me to want to do something about the war and to make the world better and so i went on what i thought was a walk for world peace and as it turns out it was the moonies and i was recruited and soon understood that the messiah was on the earth and it was wrong and that i was born to be a disciple of christ that was my mission in life and so for the next five years. I dedicated myself wholly to that task of serving god in that way

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