Apple, Epic Go Head-to-Head in Fiery Opening Remarks


Profile antitrust cases in years got underway today in the US Apple against video games developer Epic Games We have more from Bloomberg's at Ludlow in San Francisco. Ethics lawyers argued. The Apple operates a walled garden and its app store commissions and payment rules amount to monopolistic powers. Apples. Attorneys pushed back saying 84% of the Alps on the APP store of free and it's commissions of 15 to 30% match. Other digital stores epics CEO Tim Sweeney was the first executive to take the stand in the trial, and he said This was a case of quote looking entirely apples practices. He argued that the IOS platform should be opened up to other APP distributors and payment platforms over the next three. Weeks. We expect to also hear from Apple CEO Tim Cook, along with Phil Schiller, the head of the Apple Store in San

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