Leadership Lessons from Rasulullah With Sh Yawar Baig

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I have book here shuki. Our leadership lessons from the life of russula salama while he was alert. You kindly give to me will those years ago Shift i don't know what to start. I mean festival. Let me ask you. What are your reflections on a pandemic you know and the lost year. So you know that we've just experienced. What's it been like for you. I came to america In september twenty nineteen and i was reflecting. I talked to my served. If as i walked off the plane in boston in september. Nineteen if somebody had said to me that in two months from now let's go now. There would be no planes flying in the air. There would be no work happening. Industrial shutdown offices shut down. You will not be able to leave your home I would say i would ask him. Bill w what is it. You're smoking right because this doesn't have blamed on fly outbreak. For god's sake so what exactly what happened. I mean the whole world game it's like running into a brick wall right stop competing and i've done a couple of broadcasts and a couple of lectures where this might if lecture the first and foremost deflection is really. I think you know unless from handle data asked this question many dame's but we did not answering the question that was asked us was for the where i want what we hold on. I'm i'm very busy work through eleven. I tell you when. I have the time i would do. And the stopped dead in our

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