Dunleavy Announces Land Allotments for Native Vietnam War


Alaska native veterans of the vietnam war era would be able to receive state land under a proposal governor. Mike dunleavy announced last week. George bennett of sitka says it veterans like him faced obstacles to participating in a federal program offered land allotments to alaska natives it was repealed in one thousand nine hundred seventy one a time. When bennett says veterans who have experienced trauma were coming home from tours in southeast asia. Rajar trying to survive another war within our own selves. We survived three hundred sixty five days in vietnam. We came home. We're not the same person. Feel alaskan natives filed claims for allotments for most of the history of the program which began in one thousand nine hundred six but thousands of claims were filed in the two years before it was repealed. Bennett welcomes the governor. Proposing that more than two thousand veterans or their heirs would be able to receive state land. The state proposal follows a two thousand and nineteen federal law that allows alaskan native veterans or their heirs to receive one hundred and sixty acre federal allotments. Dunleavy's proposal would allow veterans to exchange their federal allotments for state land of equivalent value. He says state land is generally closer to their homes than what they would receive through the federal program. The governor thinks bene- and other veterans who described their experiences after he announced the proposal. We weren't there like these folks were but those words that were spoken. We can at least to some extent. Feel what our veterans go through and have gone through. Every day the proposal would amend built the state legislature is already considering

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