Creating Robust Language Representations With Jamie Macbeth


Are everyone. I am here with jamie macbeth. Jamie is an assistant professor in the department of computer science at smith college. Jamie welcome to the podcast. Thank you thanks for having me. And i'm super excited to dig into our conversation and learn a bit about your research what you're up to. Let's get started by having you share a bit about your background with our audience. How did you come to work in a and cognitive systems in particular. Sure so originally i was. I would say a physicist actually a mathematician physicist as an undergraduate in also sometimes a grad student. I then fell in love with computer. Scientists said in computer science in graduate school and towards the end of my career in graduate school. I also fell in love with the specific topic that i work on now which is artificial intelligence systems and cognitive systems for performing language understanding and the issues associated. With that. we're chatting earlier. You spoke a little bit more about the way you think about cognitive systems and kind of how that's different from a lot of the contemporary application of machine learning and ai loved eighty elaborate on that a bit for audience. Sure sure yeah. So those of us in the cognitive systems community were a part of the artificial intelligence community but people in the cognitive systems community are focused quite a bit more on using artificial intelligence as a vehicle for a better understanding of human intelligence and not particularly of using a i to just score well at particular tasks when do on the leaderboard i think some of the negative things that have been associated with artificial intelligence these days such as via season things like that have to do with there being a little bit too much hype around the systems. That people are building in the way. You're able to show good numbers at these tests problems and focusing less on the actual science. Okay what really can these systems do. So yeah in the congress distance community. Or i care much more about building that have a human like

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