A highlight from The Tour Catch-Up: Rafa rules Barcelona after Tsitsipas epic; More Barty brilliance in Stuttgart; Karatsev stuns Djokovic in MOTY candidate; Paire gets Olympic ban; Thiem's time-off tennis; Pique, Davis Cup & European Super League


Judy thought and liz curran rafeh rules. Nba's selena ash. Bharti takes the crown in stuttgart. I'm ben were peg gets kicked out of the olympics. Ooh came what a week we have had on the atp and ta tours has been azi. No letter we've had the clay court events in europe. they have failed to deliver. Have they been some absolutely fantastic matches over the over the last week or so emboss. Loda the open. It's been absolutely great. Nothing genuinely not really had any match of the year is i feel so to speak so far. Maybe in the clay season. I do now feel like just like classic london blesses. We've had to come along at once. Yes especially on the men's sorry to kind of epic matches this weekend. And i'll have to say the outcome of one of them in particular pleased me very much seeing rapper. Jump into that swimming pool from the twelve time in ball. Selena was just yet the the icing on the cake at the cherry on the cake of my weekend it was. Yeah it was fantastic. Say deafening much more positive weekend for Rafeh fans after the the shambles. Monte-carlo everything is now right in the world now. That nidal has won a clay tournament. I mean really is one of the ones it. You do the banker for him. What was your feeling. We used to relieved. The everything was back to normal. We just businesses normal was the overriding feeling because he was put through. I really really stunned by steph. Narcissus pass in the final was pleased. He'd even got to that point when he was stuck. S with the elia ev- ashqar in the second round. That was that was very surprising. Like of the wheels couple. Yeah it did not look very good like in his boss lona campaign. No that would have been horrendous. F it and then he was up against nishikori lost the second and i thought oh here we go again but then after that. Thanks to cam nori. Pcp smooth victories and then into the final with sits pass. I mean that was such a dramatic match. They both had matchpoints six. Four six seven seven five. In the end rafeh clincher. Three hours thirty eight minutes gets the longest. Atp too much of the year. Oh and rafael. Just edging it roy. At the end sits pass it had break points t to break rafeh at five full. But he wasn't able to do so and then rougher break his serve and then oversee manage to serve out. So yeah really epic ethic much and i think will be very pleased and relieved of see. Come through because. I think up to up to this date. It's only being a very select. Few prize actually base in rafa in a fine. Won't clay obviously federal joke which andy murray And harass as a bios which. i think. We'll just ignore that. Obviously like i. I remember that one. I think that was one. He was on the comeback trail. Yes yeah i think i mean this so i feel like yeah he has. He's just full of confidence off that monte-carlo victory and i think this is a final that everyone wanted to see. Because you know there's been a lot of chat recently about is he is he. The is the air to the the rathore on the dow thrown on the clay cole. And i think with that sort of hype not build up you know we were all sort of curious and hyping for this final just to really say how close they all when it comes to see you know facing off with each other and i think that's what made this much so competitive and it was just such a you know it really did. Come down to a few points kind of here in that. I think i think i'll be players. Oversea could have one on the dow will be. I think very very frank. We came but it was very very impressive and it was a very very stunned test. And hopefully i mean this could potentially be a you know this could be a friendship and fido may be a month's time because the quality of tennis show it was just absolutely fantastic. Yes it's past almost taking on the mantle from dominic thiem. Who really isn't really out there at the moment. It's it's past the next one to watch on the tray you know after his performance in monte-carlo a now here he's sort of possibly people saying you know the air to It's it's a rough as clay three. But i mean we'll say still early days still got madrid in rhyme oversee playing slam very different statement. Says you know we'll thinking while i was watching this. This is a five hundred. If this was a you know grandson final. Would it be so close. Who knows i know. Sits passover see beat rougher in the course in australia but if the less said about that much the better but but yeah. I was just really pleased. That ref is kind of like you said you know. The welsh just seems a calmer place or thing when when rough is winning these titles such impressive stuff from sits passer have to say. Are you too worried as a raffin. I mean how given how close it was. But also i think the three set victories early on in the in the tournament because that were blips. And you don't normally see those blips in a rafeh douse of run to a final. It was sort of expecting it. I think more against cam nori and credited. Pistole any basically any spaniard. I feel like it's just a routine victory but they sort of blips against ashqar in an nishikori in that second set if that is a still even though you know he's won the title. Do you feel like there's still a sensitive source of worry there in terms of his. You know this clerk of of invisibility. Do you feel like this season. Maybe it's a little bit less invincible than it was. Because i certainly feel with if you look back. Those two matches. That were definitely i think hangovers from from monte carlo. Where it didn't do that. Well particularly i think you know from the ground strikes. I tell you think he's a. I think by the end of the tournament his backhand particularly looking a lot better shape but it just felt like those first few matches is still felt like he was quite far away. Actually from you know the the the we normally come to expect yeah. I think it's almost take the positives it's good to have had those battles and got ya you playing so well. It's better to get out of the way. The style of the clay season anyone a pair of state. The right time say but yet his backhand improved a lot. During the course of of the week in montreal he was hitting wait to show and we saw rip radi managed to kind of punish that in monte-carlo finals. But i'm yeah rougher kind of salt at the alabama especially in the final it's pass A lot less ariza's. Well i think in the fed sat rough was very very clean Which is what we needed. Because you just can't afford to give points away wittingly say but yeah really really good. I mean just a nights joel. A what else happened. I sprays in barcelona this week We obviously had cabin oregon sculptures. Very good dan evans. No such good week for him. He lost in the first round to quarantine mutate which i wasn't really surprised by don's had a great couple of weeks and probably be out as well.

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