Silicone: Should We Be Scared?

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Had someone damn me about a shampoo that i said. I'm going to try this out. That has silicon in it just behalf. I was like be careful. Like a scorpion. Sorry silicon let's talk about. Silicon is varying types as well so it's such a broad topic but silicon is almost like i want you to think like remember back in school when he used to contact your books yes and it was a lovely film and protected you books. That's what silicon is doing your hair. it's kind of almost like a plastic coaching. I guess when they kind of wax apple's so my personal viewpoint my hey love silicon. Same my hair is dead. So i treat it differently and your harry said to. Everyone's harry's did mine extra data in damaged. Everyone's hey on the hate is dead pertains whereas your skin is living so it's quite different. You can nourish them in different ways. What silicon dossiers goes on and it does the head but it kind of feels in the little pothole. So you've got pot holes in your hair strand and it would be nice to drive down if you were driving but still can goes in and fill in those potholes and makes the hair shaft look nice uniform and shiny and most of us wanted us shampoo and conditioner to make our hair shiny. The argument is it's not actually making your hey healthy it's making it look and feel healthy which i kind of understand because again another analogy. It's kind of like a barrier cream skin without trading it under the barry. Exactly so what you would be doing. I guess the barry kramer's you've got all your delicious nourishing serums underneath. But then you you barry cream on top so i guess the argument is it's kind of creating this karting and other stuff con gideon. That doesn't bother me so much because it's not like i'm trying to fade a live organism. I just want it to look and feel shiny and not be naughty when i'm trying to brush it when it's wit which silicon

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