A highlight from 3399: Da Butt


And all the love from your big new fans face That's awesome thank you stacey and a special thanks to right sharing the episode very nice and i'll check with kyle if we can get married. I saw a tweet from the great sue costello That i was included in. That's how i saw it. of course i well. I won't let me be clear. I follow her on all platforms. Okay you don't have to add me for me to follow it sukhoi. Stella was up to. She's been on keith. And the girl before you can check that out at slash. She's been on diamond dogs not explaining herself the same so i see this tweet and she wrote. They said it out loud tom. Sherman said it in the pitch meetings. So i looked up tom. Sherman he's the senior executive vice president. Cbs and is he being at at tom. No you must not be on twitter because if you're on twitter they did at you for example at alec baldwin told me i scare the shit out of him Colin farrell david a russell to david a russell did fight or she was one of the crackhead sisters in the fighter so all we had movie by the way. I may recommend the fighter. I think it's costello's movie And we have. Tom sherman alec baldwin colin farrell. David a russell all saying she scares the shit out of these people. Keith malley said it to me now. What am guessing she's referring to. I'm guessing is when she was on keith. And the girl. She was shitting on. Cbs in the powers. That be and i said. Does that scare you. does it. You had did you at least take a second go. This could hurt my career. Whether i'm right or wrong i'm not going to be. I don't seem easy to work with. And she was shocked. She's why would she be scared. And i said well. I would take pause. She goes. that's how we're different. I'm not scared. And she started tweeting. How brave. I was to admit i was scared. And that she wasn't now it turns into i just went up towards. I'm scared of you. What you think would be a flag assuming that was true right so all. These people in keats said that said to me. I never knew why they were scared. They keep me close. So i don't see twenty twenty made me see you're keeping closest she doesn't see. Yeah i don't know or that's a different thought and the the baddies tried to hide it from me but it really sounds like it's me alec baldwin and david a russell doesn't it yeah i think so. We didn't want her to know where scared her so we kept her close. Like we're friends but we really scared of her scared of what well that's next level. We gotta figure that out. You know you unpeeled like an onion. He just never ever comments after it. Follow up the fight. Almost the follow up more than the original thing. He just need the original thing. Yeah you do like part. Two's of movies. You won't stop seeing sequels. Yeah okay all right.

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