A highlight from Part 1: Tiger Woods Black Box, Riverside Squatters, and Trending Topics (ACS Apr 8)


Some trending topics and now good and proper adam karol. Yeah get it on. God forget on a choice for the get onto managed to get it on now for tuning in and thanks for sharing with the friend. We love that about you right gina. Grand right handballed ryan well. It appears. I have daddy issues. All right so there's some breaking news on the tiger woods situation because they recovered the black box. I guess everything's going to have a black box in. And i bought in the car the more connected another name for jesus v. Yeah and Yeah man but we all know where to find that we don't have to get some diving bell. I hope you don't just down the mariana trench to ooh good name for good name. Jeez reap now it kind of strikes me that we all are now equipped with our own black box. Which is our phone. So we're going to be able to be tracked everywhere and find out and you know they were able to look and see if tiger was texting. You know things like that so we kind of everything has a black box and we have our own blackbox our phone and you'll know right where everybody everybody is. The most revolutionary like in terms of like solving crimes murders and whatnot like since the fingerprints and dna. Right now we can tell where you are when you are what you're doing for sending a text if you're downloading selling and just at the very fact of what cell tower is where you are if sometimes the talia or sunny will get a text from olga on a friday night at eleven fifteen if i'm out driving with them somewhere in she'll go where. Why are you so far away from your house at eleven fifteen at night you know and we're supposed to and i'm dropping. Her off at her pimp splash. So i always get the phone. Don't worry she's in good hands so they went through the tiger woods thing and the tiger woods thing was He was going at excessive speeds and he actually accelerated is he was going over the embankment or into the tree or whatever it was and i have a couple of thoughts one is. I'm going to circle back to my first thought. Which is there was nothing in his system. He was sober. He was fine good suspense license. Anyway because now. He's he's a full-blown terror. The old guys plow through the farmers market and santa monica. They're not drunk. Nope they mistake the accelerator for the break and in some ways worse. But if you're driving that's what tiger did. Yeah well first things first. If i watch some football games at the warehouse and have a couple of beers and drive home. I don't plow through. Farmers markets are drive over curbs or embankments or anything like that number one staff number two if you want to ride shotgun in my car. There's a decent chance. I won't be buzzed. There's a very very decent chance you know week day. Maybe while the sun is out you know what. I mean. Not after launch but tiger. There's always the opportunity for him to mistake the break for the accelerator vice versa. I mean so. It's very interesting so if you get pulled over if you had a christmas party here you had a few pops and you got pulled over. Your license would be suspended for a year and if you were over ninety years old and it was determined you could no longer safely operate a motor vehicle. Your license would be revoked or suspended or whatever it is. Maybe we should look into that. With tiger i feel like tigers had enough trials and tribulations on the open road certainly could afford uber. Maybe even the uber black. The suv right xl right. Feeling crazy right so it's kind of funny where we have the society. We go who do nothing in his system minding like scarier. Now this person is now actually more frightening i would. I would not. And i would suggest five as a judge i would say look. I'm not going to suspend your license but we do need to get a giant fiberglass tiger and a fix it to the roof for your car so people know if you're riding a bike with your son along the highway you know to get the fuck out of dodge well and that it's like what you say about the guys that go up and just beat on somebody on the street. There's no motive also. There's no way to avoid it. I'm glad you brought it up gene. Because i was kinda like searching my mind. The the the guys who poison their wives of wives poisoned their husbands to collect on the insurance policy. I'm not a fan of it. But that's between consenting adults the guys you just cold cocked the asian guy walking through manhattan or the hasidic jew walking through brooklyn. Those are the scariest people and i put tiger squarely in that community. So there's that then. I started to think about it and so i'm interested in your thoughts. Which is i like memorabilia. I like cars. I like collecting cars. But there's a big in the last few years it's been a burgeoning. Category of celebrity collector guitars watches locks of hair. The sheets that john. Yoko laid on when they were staying in bed and protesting war and all kinds of tiger woods. Han day tiger with us. That thing is worse. Something that thing has has value now. There's not a ton of other examples but you can go back. You know to famously James sergeant james dean. He's got his five fifty spider little basset. They still don't know where it is. But i was talking to a car expert earlier in the day when i was doing car cast and i said well that things ten million bucks like james dean's car. It's not apples to apples. Saying he said probably more than ten million bucks if somebody brought that thing to to an auction and then he said An interesting thing that. I never thought of the biggest auction of the year takes place at pebble beach. The gooding auction is on pebble beach. Golfers love this shit. They alaria. They collect this stuff. So you got these crazy rich gulf fans and then you got. Tiger woods is destroyed hyundai and i said i said well. What do you think you know to the guy. And he said oh six figures like it is versus. I right a million times more than a regular holiday. A some info if you had that car and you had a hyundai dealership. Would you put it up in display in the showroom. Now see the face to face the same same time. You're going to have to prove this. It's going to bring in a lot more foot traffic than free hot dogs and snow cones on a saturday. And also your argument is as he survived especially if especially when how good our cars are

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