Sheryl Underwood addresses Sharon Osbourne leaving 'The Talk'


Oh the sharon osbourne story is not going way cheryl underwood. She's breaking her silence on sharon's exit from the talk so again to a big kerfuffle over the whole meghan markle in piers morgan interview. Sharon turned around and she defended her piers. Morgan and it turned into race. This accusations and sharon ended up leaving show. Well cheryl has now broken. Silence about it. In on her podcast. She revealed that she actually hasn't heard from sharon. Sharon has not apologized which is surprising to me. She's been in this business a long time. I would have assumed some sort of text just saying. Hey i'm sorry if i misled you. I'm sorry five. Seemed to have offended you in any way. And she has not done that. And sharon actually went as far to say that the producers kind of blind side and cheryl saying. That's not true. I remember that you definitely know cheryl saying now. This is not happening. Oh because sharon did say a rep for. Sharon told people magazine. The osborne had reached out to under word now under would naturally saying that is not true and she actually held up her phone so you could look through the history to confirm. The story doesn't end there only. I just got a press release from the daily mail. Sharon is talking to the daily mail. And she is cheryl's not telling the truth. She said that she's got screenshots. Lengthy text that she sent to cheryl to try and patch things up. She went on to say quote. I not only send these messages to cheryl. But i apologize to her in person in her dressing room quotes. Why are you saying. I never apologize. Cheryl what are you trying to do to me Are you trying to destroy my reputation. Just be honest. Tell may

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