NASA Rover Drops Ingenuity Helicopter Off on Mars

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Let's go back to mars and talk about this this test flight. That's coming up soon for ingenuity. The news i hear is that they have dropped the helicopter from the belly of the based perseverance and it is getting ready to be ramped up. Almost literally exactly. That's right a tweet. From nasa jet propulsion laboratory. Which are this was the weekend. I liked very much. It said mars helicopter touchdown confirmed. It's two hundred ninety three million miles or four hundred. Seventy million million kilometer journey aboard nasa perseverance and it with the final drop of four inches ten centimeters from the rovers belly to the surface of mars today next milestone survive the night. And that's because as of. I think it was saturday. The ingenuity helicopter has been now relying on. Its own power for the heaters that keep the electronics war because until then it was taking power from perseverance itself now tell its own and so it relies on the batteries the internal batteries and the solar panel which sits on top of the the two rotor blades. So hopefully that will keep going. Well the heater apparently keeps the inside. The about seventy degrees celsius forty five degrees fahrenheit because the temperature on mas drops to way way below zero it can be as low as minus ninety celsius about one hundred thirty minus hundred thirty fahrenheit. So look i think always going well. As far as i know. They've checked out the solar panels and we haven't heard anything to the

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