What Do Habits Have To Do With Dating?


Robyn Conley Downs. My umbrella brand is real food whole life and then I have a book that feel good effect wage and a podcast the feel-good affect. My specialty is easy simple habits for health and happiness and that whole life piece that you mentioned. That's the connection so dead. We need habits in order to have a whole life and most of us go about habits the wrong way frankly and we overcomplicate things. We focus our attention on the things that do matter and then we end up in the same spot. We were under what's wrong and often we beat ourselves up for it and it's not really our fault. It's really the approach that's not working. So one of the parts of the feel-good pap roach in our method is something called the eighty-twenty rule and that's what you were mentioning so I can talk more about that but that's kind of the overview of like why habits and what does that have anything to do with dating and it's really like, okay. What are we doing in our daily life that is moving the needle toward the results that we're looking for, right? I love it. When were you talking to me about before we got on the something affect? Yeah, so creative principle and the eighty-twenty rule, right? Yeah. Yeah, so you may have heard of this before. O's principle. It's actually concept that is several like over a hundred years old it was dead. Bye and it's old Italian guy that he looked around and he thought okay. This is really interesting. It looks like 20% of the actions are actually yielding to eighty percent of the results wage. I mean this has been shown over and over in business and real estate in pretty much anything that you can measure what you think. Is that everything counts, but really it's a small percentage of our habits and actions that took out so that's always something I'm trying to help people learn is like, okay, it's it feels like overwhelming and that you have to learn everything under the sun and do a perfectly all the time but really almost always it's 20% of our actions that are using the results

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